Till This Mother’s Day, I No Longer Find my Grandmother, my Mother and Myself Strangers

It was in the late 80s in Vietnam. My father left our home to pursue his own path in Germany. I therefore grew up in a family where two women, my grandmother and mother, were the breadwinners to raise two little women, me and my sister. I grew up in an environment where I observed first hand women striving to juggle work and life. My grandmother was the owner of a convenience store and my mother had two shifts and a night class. I grew up in a home where my grandmother’s wish, “If only I could go to school,” echoed through my childhood and where my mother’s constant struggles to make ends meet imprinted in my young brain.

Business Insider’s Most Innovative Career Coach. Forbes Coaches Council Member. Career Happiness / Transformation & Performance Strategist & Coach for Mothers.

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