Three simple yet powerful strategies to conquer fears

Amy Nguyen
2 min readApr 25, 2021
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[This article is written by my 5th-grader son, as part of the series on self-development, a gig offered to him by his coaching mom.]

Fear is very stressful and, well, fearful. Everyone in the world at least is scared of one thing. But to vanquish it, you need to turn it into something positive or funny, or focus on a relaxing activity or do something that you really like to do. When you focus on something other than your phobia, it makes you almost forget about it. The more you do it, the more you tend to think about it less.

When I mean turning your frightfulness into an entertainment, I mean that what is amusing to you. For me, I like to look at memes because they have a lot of humor and that helps me calm down. Since there are plenty of memes in the world, I can just remember one and merge the bogey into the meme and it becomes twice as funnier.

Another way you can try is to relax and laze out. When you focus on one thing and when you are done with it, boom, your fear is gone! I once had a fear of (I’m not saying it) and right when I think about it, I just rush to any random book and read it. After 4 months of burying my head in books, I finally forgot about the horror and it’s all ok. (wait did I forget it? I’m talking about it right now :O)

The last action is to do something that makes you get into the zone. For me, I really like playing video games because it requires hard work and progress which will definitely make me feel happy. There might be a lot of things that you like so just try them all out and see which one works better.

So in conclusion, fear makes itself bigger by making you more frightened but if you realize it isn’t real, and face it, it gets smaller and smaller. But if it scares you so much, follow these steps! If these steps don’t work, then make your own strategy!



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