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In another life as a writer.

“Yours is the name of a famous actress I adore,” mom revealed the story of my name one day. Before she told me, all I knew was it stood for elegance and brightness, like that of the stars. Yet, my childhood dreams had nothing to do with acting.

I imagined…

Photo Credit: The New York Times

Six hours’ delay with multiple announcements about the new flight times. Followed by a cancellation, two hours on the phone to book the new flight, half an hour to get a hotel room booked, another delay the day after and being stuck in the plane for half an hour before I could get off. And there’s something more than what the New York Times (in an article with the same title) said about what you should do.

“I can’t fly after 12am,” a Jewish gentleman who had been sitting next to me mumbled, his face drained of energy and his eyes tired. He got up from his seat a few times either to get some coffee or to check with the airlines staff.

I didn’t know and…

Sometimes the only way to have a truly happy marriage is to courageously feel and uncomfortably examine unhappiness, through a brain-based conversation.

Credit: Brian Rea, for the NY Times Modern Love column

It felt worse than losing my identity.

“Our son ever asked me, ‘Why do you look so happy with your friends but when you are with us, you…

And how we can use this insight to improve parenting, leading a team, leading ourselves, and make a better world.

Raya and the Last Dragon | Photo credit: NBC News

So you’ve probably seen a sea of #blacklivesmatter and a pond of, hopefully, #stopasianhate. Public responses to anti-Black racism seem to outweigh those to anti-Asian racism; it gained way more attention. In fact, when I tried to attach the hashtags for this article on Medium, the former showed 53k and…

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